Here's where I'll skip the whole Third Person act and get to nitty gritty. 


I’d like to think that the artistic work I do is the culmination of various experiences, observations, and revelations I’ve curated over the years. It’s a serious take, but it’s also a genuine one.


I also love to polysyllabic words- moving on!

Storytelling is important. I am proud this is what I do.  I want to tell stories that make people feel, think and act. What else can I say? The work I do could perhaps be viewed as an inspired take from watching yet another brilliant Scorsese film (a telling tribute to my basic-bro tendencies, for sure). It could be the result of weeks of scourging and studying the Youtube content from Tony nominated performances of years past.  Maybe, just maybe, the artistic work I do is merely an outlet to exercise my weird thoughts and inclinations. I’ll never tell.

I grew up in Howard County, Maryland the son of two actors, Carole and Michael Lehan. For as long as I can remember, the Theatre has been a part of my life. The acting thing this is imbued in my families DNA. 


I’m taking this from the top...

My family has deep roots in the Washington, DC Community. My Grandfather was William H. Graham; co-founder of the Theatre Department at The Catholic University of America and founding Artistic Director of The Olney Theatre Center, a prominent regional theatre in D.C. At CUA he taught the likes of Susan Sarandon and John Voight. At OTC he oversaw  35 seasons; highlights include Washington Redskins’ star John Riggins’ stage debut, and a one man show starring Ian Mcellin (talking point: Gandalf babysat me as a kid…cool, right?).

My Mother blazed her own career for herself in Washington, despite my Grandfathers’ large footprint- garnering 3 Helen Hayes Award Nominations for her work as an Actor, Director, and Playwright. To compliment her hectic schedule working all over town, she was also an adjunct professor at most of the Maryland State Universities teaching Stanislavsky and Meissner Technique. She was on track to earn a PHD from UMD, writing her dissertation on Stephen Sondheim. Apparently when I was still in diapers and printers were still Dotmatrix, I tried “helping” and ended up deleting most of her dissertation. Another great talking point!

All of this to say, I got most of my training and education from these two. Family time, which was pretty much all the time, was classroom time.  I'm proud to say I got most of my training literally is in my genes!